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What is Samba Fitness?



Samba fitness is the result of an established experience in the didactics domains of dance and fitness “sports conditioning”, more precisely a combination of samba with aerobic.

Being the only class of this kind in Europe, Samba Fitness has for mission to bring a general knowledge of samba to all fitness amateurs or professionals who wish to learn a new way of dancing.

The class content is very intense and provides a lot of benefits. The music is original, motivating and varied, bringing a whole harmony, beauty, dynamism and magic of the Brazilian Carnival in the classes room.


The objective is to develop Samba Fitness in Switzerland and other European countries by introducing samba in the fitness domain, in order to give an overview of the Brazilian culture, dance and music to all interested persons.


Dancing is one the easiest and healthiest way to make the body and mind working together.

The dance has numerous benefits, especially in the development and management of personality as well as to what is related to the physical level. These benefits are relevant in various medicine domains, such as orthopaedics, cardiology, psychiatry and others. Furthermore, the dance improves the motor coordination, body conscience and musical knowledge.

This concerns all persons who are interested to know the dance origin, the people who created it, the time when it started, the meaning of the music, finally the history of each dance and rhythm, allowing them to enlarge their historical and geographical knowledge.

Samba Fitness gathers all these elements which are adapted the notion of fitness.


  • Improve rhythmic and musical perception
  • Increase cardio-respiratory capacity and aerobic metabolism
  • Increase physical condition by improving strength, suppleness and coordination
  • Straighten skeleton as well as muscular and articular structures
  • Straighten self-confidence – improve posture
  • Bring wellness – reduce stress




International presenters

Silvia Oliveira (Brazil/Switzerland)

Silvia Oliveira has over 10 years experience in the fitness domain and in the teaching.
Creator of the SAMBA FITNESS concept and trainer since 2001, she proposes choreographies from which the techniques are inspired of samba and aerobic, with a music selection allowing to combine rhythms and movements.
Graduated in São Paulo (Brazil) in physical education from the Jundiaí High School of Physical Education and Sport as well as in Personal Training from the FMU Faculty.
Specialist in Brazilian rhythmic, Silvia Oliveira carried out various researches in rhythmic for persons with hearing deficiencies in the University of São Paulo and obtained a physiology diploma from the Federal University of São Paulo State (UNIFESP).


Guillermo Vega (Argentina)

Guillermo Vega is worldwide well known as “father of music interpretation” in the fitness domain.

Guillermo Vega is the inventor of the AERO CLASSIC program.

He is also, between others, physical education and sport teacher (INEF) and Director of Euro Conventions and Euro Educations programs with  representations in more than 25 countries.



Meg Mendonça (Brazil)

Meg Mendonça is international presenter and teacher in the School of Physical Education and Sport (USP) and has more than 20 years experience.
Specialist in musical and instrumental theory, she is ballerina, choreograph and personal trainer.
Meg Mendonça is also the creator of the POWER STRETCH DANCE methodology “the dance from fitness to art”.
Furthermore, Meg Mendonça is the author of the book “Metodo de Alongamento RP2” (RP2 stretching method).



Training program – theoretical and practical classes

SAMBA FITNESS by Silvia Oliveira:

■ Samba and Carnival history and philosophy
■ Original movements
■ Movements adapted to fitness
■ Body movement technique
■ Accomplishment of movements
■ Basic steps and choreographic research
■ Didactics of teaching
■ Musicality and rhythm
■ Cueing
■ Practice


AERO CLASSIC by Guillermo Vega:

■ Structure and objectives of aerodance course
■ Technique of movements
■ Transition
■ Learning methods
■ Choreography versus creativity
■ Practice



■ Importance of the dance in different fitness “variants”
■ Dance versus fitness
■ General aspects on rhythm and movement versus choreography
■ Analyze of music and its application as well as movements
■ Muscle and body self-control and expression
■ Musicality and rhythm
■ Dance: dynamics versus physical conditioning
■ Choreographies: general and specific figures
■ Practice

Participation details


  • Training is open to all fitness professionals, dancers or amateurs who are personally interested to give Samba Fitness classes.


  • The basic training consists of, on 2 months including 4 week-ends, 48 hours of teaching spread over 8 days. The continuing training consists of 12 hours spread over 2 days (week-end).

Dates - Basic training

  • February 2012 - code SFF12

- Saturday 4  and sunday 5 February 2012
- Saturday 11 and sunday 12 February 2012

  • March 2012 - code SFM12

- Saturday 10 and sunday 11 March 2012
- Saturday 17 and sunday 18 March  2012

Daten - Continuing training

  • May  2012– code SFC12

- Saturday 5 and sunday 6 May 2012


  • In the morning from 09.00 to 12.00 and in the afternoon from 14.00 to 17.00.


  • Geneva (Switzerland).


  • Basic training: CHF 980.–
  • Continuing training: CHF 550.–

Advices and information

  • Silvia Oliveira (PT/FR) Director & Presenter
  • Tel. +41 (0)76 548 47 37
  • Reinhard Larch (DE/EN) – Commercial Manager
  • Tel. +41 (0)78 720 52 25
General conditions



  • Written registration only by means of the registration form below or per e-mail.
  • Registration deadline: minimum 30 days before beginning of training.
  • Training registration is firmly validated upon receipt of full payment.


  • An invoice will be established upon receipt of your registration form.
  • If “AERO CLASSIC” session has already been  followed, the training amount will be calculated pro rata (upon presentation of certificate).
  • Group discount of 5% is given from three member registrations affiliated to a same fitness centre.


  • Rates are in Swiss Francs. Conversion in Euro at the price of the day.


  • In case of cancellation from the organizer (insufficient number of registrations), the participant will be fully reimbursed or its registration postponed at a later training date.
  • Any cancellation from the participant must be communicated by written to the Management of Samba Fitness Promotion before beginning of training. In case of cancellation 15 days or more before beginning of training, the amount is fully reimbursed.
  • In case of cancellation less than 15 days  before beginning of training, no  reimbursement is possible. Only cancellations for health purposes give the right  to participate at a later training date.
  • The participant must present a medical certificate.





  • In case of justified partial absences, sessions are  not reimbursed, however the participant can follow a later date session during the following training.
  • Neither reimbursement nor participation at a later date session for unjustified absences.


  • Samba Fitness Promotion declines all  responsibility in case of accident. Each participant must be personally insured.


  • Detailed training planning and course  documentations in French, German, English or Portuguese are given to each participant at the beginning of training. Included in the price.
  • Training address confirmed upon receipt of payment.
  • Samba Fitness Promotion declines all responsibility in case of theft or dispute.


  • A certificate “Samba Fitness Instructor” is delivered to each
  • participant  at the end of the training only if all three sessions of the training program have been fully followed. Exception only for participants, who have already  followed the “AERO CLASSIC” session (upon presentation of certificate).

Febreary 2012


Registration form

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