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Justine Groux

 I am a big fan of any kind of dance and i have tried nearly every different possible style of danse. With the help of Samba Fitness, I have discovered I new way of dancing, of doing sport and of feeling good. The music has got a great rhythm and brings people to smile. Samba Fitness the perfect way to “lier” love of dance and sport. All that adding to this convetional sport the happiness and ray of sunshine Bresil brings to people.


Marielle Rupp Felinto do Nascimento

Some years ago, I had the pleasure to have a 6 months trip to Brazil and it has been the beginning of my passion for this country. I tried various brazilian dances, because dance and music have always been part of Brazilan people's life. Back to Switzerland, I started to practice capoeira for a couple of years, then I learnt Samba fitness. This « cultural sport » allows me to combine a spending of energy and a great interest for Brazil. A fine mixture of happiness for carnival and more traditional sambas, a particular approach of the specific brazilian percussion helped me to develop my musicality, sense of rhythm and to control my body. Samba Fitness is a way to practice sports and to work out on coordination, on dancing routines that everyone can do and also to touch the artistic and musical parts of the brazilian culture.


Fanny Rupp

I Love Samba Fitness!!



Karolina Sitkowska

I had contact (experience)with different types of dancing and fitness for many years. Since I started to practice Samba I interested with a new types and styles of this type of dance.Then also I found Samba Fitness- combination of samba and aerobic- my two favorites activities. That`s why i would like to develope this cultural sport in my country- Poland and also spread brazilian energy between the others.